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the kip comic


My first major project working at the Luminosity Lab was the Kip comic. Kip is an open source, 3D printed educational robot to teach kids a breadth of hardware and software skills. When we brought Kip to the ASU + GSV 2018 ed tech conference, the comic was a way to communicate the project's origin and vision in an approachable way.

I also later designed the Kip sprite, a key branding element for the project. The sprite is the digital presence of the robot, even when its body is powered down.

Episode 1

In Episode 1, the foundational values of the Luminosity Lab are introduced in a fictionalized “origin story.” These values are related to the inception of the Kip project. The narrative also demonstrates why Kip might have an impact in the classroom context.

episode 2

Episode 2 explores how the Kip educational platform could improve classroom engagement. It also highlights the team’s vision for global impact, exploring the friendship of two pen pals, each learning from Kip on opposite sides of the world.

episode 3

In Episode 3, the story examines the social aspect of learning. Kip’s facial and emotional
recognition capabilities impact a student’s life beyond rote learning. In addition, the one-page epilogue expresses the desire for Kip to have a life-long impact on students’ lives.

the process

The team started the comic creation process by ideating around the main ideas and values we wanted the comic to communicate. I worked with the project’s head designer, Dylan, to come up with basic plot structures based on these values. I created simple thumbnail sketches of each comic, which evolved based on the team’s feedback. Finally, I drew the final line art and laid out each page, making minor changes along the way. 

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