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“Identify the design language of a recognizable brand. Apply this design language to an unrelated product.”

The Polaroid blender was one of my early college design projects. It represented a turning point for me because it was the first time I discovered how to think by sketching-- to develop ideas not only by reasoning about them but by exploring them organically. 

the brand language

My summary of the Polaroid brand language:

  • Rounded Shapes

  • Bright Accent Colors 

  • Simple User Interface

  • Playful Attitude

  • "the Polaroid Rainbow”

Early forms

Polaroid products always feature a bold, simple silhouette with rounded edges, so I started there. I focused on the basic form of a blender: base, glass container, and lid. I warmed up for my sketching sessions by exploring these components. 

detail exploration

In the next round of sketching, I played with user interface details and tried out whimsical movement mechanics. After experimenting with numerous simple or impractical ideas, I discovered a form that I felt fit the Polaroid brand.

branding refinement

I used various rendering techniques to continue exploring and refining the
form. I paid attention to the role of color and texture in communicating a
product brand, settling on visuals that emulated existing Polaroid products
without duplicating them.

my first appearance model

This project was my first time fabricating an appearance model, a traditional skill in the field of Industrial Design. Craftsmanship issues arose due to the short time frame and my lack of experience, from painting mishaps to fingerprints on the acrylic “glass.” I also learned the value of study models. The model was oversized, which would have been an easy discovery had I started with a study model.

design excellence nomination

My work was recognized as one of the top three designs in my class. My final presentation poster was put on display in the Design School for several months. The project successfully harnessed my ability to synthesize and apply visual ideas. 

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Copic Marker Rendering
Illustrator Render Polaroid
Presentation Poster Graphic