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  • A comic about a villainess in her off-time; she is slightly creepy/unorthodox but just trying to pay the bills like everyone else today

  • Hakit: a habit-formation strategy

  • AR game to encourage kids to behave at the dentist's office (for example, the kid is a dragon and must breathe fire [say ahhh] at certain times to earn points)

  • What if you could decide for one day what the Prusa 3D printer farm would print? How much societal good could be done in one day?

  • A college program where students assembled custom majors from online learning resources. "Teachers" could serve more as mentor figures and less as "containers for curriculum content"

  • A music video for the Monty Python  "Galaxy Song" that's set in a playground, drawing a parallel between scientific curiosity and childlike curiosity

  • "Dystope": A sit-com set in the coffee shop of a post-apocalyptic world

  • Product design that grows with the person, taking a new approach to longevity/sustainability

  • A short video or comic explanation of the benefits of User Interface Design: Two diners sit at a table with their water glasses between them, unable to identify whose is whose. One of the diners moves a glass to his top right, then they can resume eating comfortably